About Azuki

I am a multi-purpose disord bot created by Eurphus#8380. I have been previously been known as "filter bot" but has since changed names. I provide moderation features and filters as of now, but in the future I intend to really expand this bot. I plan on adding tons of fun and more advanced moderation commands.


You may view our commands displayed per category here. This is pretty much a exact copy of f!help in the bot.

Moderation Commands
Ban - Ban a mentioned user from the server | f!ban <@user> <reason>
Kick - Kick a mentioned user from the server | f!kick <@user> <reason>
Mute - Prevent a mentioned user from chatting until unmuted | f!mute <@user> <reason>
Nick - Set the nickname for a mentioned user | f!nick <@user> <nickname>
Purge - Bulk delete a certain amount of messages from a channel | f!purge <# of messages>
Temp Mute - Temporarily prevent a mentioned user from chatting. You may select the time until user is unmuted | f!tempmute <@user> <amount of time><reason>

Fun Commands
Ship - Ship two mentioned users together to get a ship name, as well as love percentage <3 | f!ship <@user> <@user>
Dadjoke - Use this to receive possibly the worst jokes you've ever heard, be warned. | f!dadjoke

Information and Other Commands
About - Displays information about the bot, including ram and cpu usage | f!about
Feedback - Send feedback directly to the bot developer | f!feedback <feedback>
Help - Display the help commands | f!help
Invite - Get the discord support guild invite, as well as the bot invite | f!invite
Logs - Turn on the logs, and set the channel it sends to | f!logs
Userinfo - Get information on a user. This will give you their join dates, roles, bot punishments and more. | f!userinfo <@user>


Join our discord, the Artistic Development Hub to receive updates, notices and much more on Azuki. You may receive support for Azuki here, you may give feedback, make suggestions and report issues.

In this small little community we also have a custom coin system and custom games such as scramble and counting. However, that's not all that we have. We also provide people with high quality custom bots that stay up 24/7. You may request whatever features you'd like!